Squaring the Circle

Opdrachtgever: Europan 13 (prijsvraag)
Ontwerp: Hugo Kok
Lokatie: Nacka, Stockholm (SE)
Omvang: 17 ha (gebied) / 150.000m2
Jaar: 2015

Squaring the circle is a mathematical problem of constructing a square with the same area as a circle by using only a finite number of steps. Even though it was proven to be impossible in 1882, the problem has captivated many and has been used in literature with varied metaphorical meanings.
In literature it is often used as a symbolic meaning in which the circle stands for heaven and the square stands for earth. American writer O. Henry gives it a similar meaning. In his short story ‘Squaring the circle’ (1908) the circle represents the natural world and the square represents the city, the world of man. Nature moves in circles.
Our proposal consists of two parts: transforming Berg’s storage silos into a post-industrial new post-industrial Landscape park and creating a new neighbourhood around it, on the edge of Nature. We invite Nature into the heart of the plan.
The buildings of Berg all have square footprints of varying sizes and form a linear ensemble that starts at the Port and ends 60 meters higher at the edge of the forest. The mixed grain makes it suitable to adjust to the topography, optimal for programmatic differentiation, adaptable to future changes and it gives the neighbourhood a coherency. Just like the original silos, the squares form a family of all sided volumes along the edge of Nature.
Our proposal aims to let both Nature and City co-exist and it turns Berg into a destination in Nacka, Stockholm County.